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Curtis Concierge Nursing  In-Home Psychi

Curtis Concierge Nursing

Take your first steps toward recovery with us!
Curtis Concierge Nursing helps high profile clients take their first steps to recovering from substance use disorders with a customized alcohol and/or drug detoxification in the privacy of their own homes. We provide compassionate, professional and highly-skilled nursing care 24/7 and minimize withdrawal symptoms, while maintaining confidentiality and discretion. Please call now to take your first step: (310) 892-5184  


In-Home Detox Services

The first step in recovery is detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Curtis Concierge Nursing works with doctors specializing in addiction and mental illness to create an individualized in-home treatment plan that meets each VIP patient’s lifestyle and confidentiality needs.


In-Home Psychiatric
Nursing Care

Curtis Concierge Nursing helps patients living with chronic mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder find proper balance in their lives via medication, education
and coaching.



A coach for more than 15 years, Ellen uses Tools For Better Living, a program she developed, to help clients define, create and live best their lives. Ellen and her knowledgeable staff provide expertise, support, accountability, inspiration and guidance. Clients identify with Ellen’s coaching strategy and achieve attainable goals. 

Therapy Sessions
Meet the Owner

Ellen Curtis is a highly respected registered nurse who has been providing care in the addiction and mental health field for over 30 years. In fact, you may have seen her providing drug testing and transporting guests to treatment facilities on “Dr. Phil” or
A&E’s “Intervention.” 

By Addiction Psychiatrist:

Ellen provides exceptional monitoring and nursing support; making the physician’s job much easier and facilitating a safe and effective detox experience for the patient. She is caring and compassionate and always provides the psychological support her patient needs.  


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