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A coach for more than 15 years, Ellen uses Tools For Better Living, a program she developed, to help clients define, create and live best their lives. Ellen and her knowledgeable staff provide expertise, support, accountability, inspiration and guidance. Clients identify with Ellen’s coaching strategy and achieve attainable goals.


Whether clients are struggling to find their passion or reach a specific professional or lifestyle goal, coaching helps them identify unique strengths and use them to succeed. Armed with Ellen’s tools of strategy and technique, clients are challenged to define and overcome obstacles. The coach-client partnership keeps clients focused, on track and accountable. Together, coach and client celebrate each success until goals are met.


The Nurse Ellen Concierge Coaching philosophy is simple: A fulfilling life is possible for every client. The key is for coach and client to work as a team to:


  • Clarify goals and determine the best paths to success.

  • Identify strengths and develop new skills.

  • Define and commit to a step-by-step action plan.

  • Attend weekly sessions to keep motivated and accountable.

  • Tackle challenges and barriers that arise.

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