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Meet the Owner

Ellen began her nursing career at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine Hospital, where she helped design in-patient programs for experimental medications and led the first private in-patient trial testing the effects of methadone on heroin patients. From that experience, she developed the belief there is hope for all patients suffering from addiction and mental illness.

Ellen took a break from working in a hospital setting to co-found and serve as CEO of Curtis Psychiatric Center. With six offices in Los Angeles and a professional staff of 25 psychologist and 2 psychiatrists, CPC provided psychiatric treatment for 1000s of patients.

Eventually, Ellen returned to her first passion -- providing one-on-one nursing care to people suffering from addiction and mental illness. By providing her concierge in-home alcohol/drug detox services to VIP clients, she is able to intimately help patients and their families in their first step towards recovery. Using her Tools For Better Living, she has also found great success coaching clients looking to create a better life, achieve tangible goals and get out of whatever rut is holding them back.

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