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In-Home Detox Services

The first step in recovery is detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Curtis Concierge Nursing works with doctors specializing in addiction and mental illness to create an individualized treatment plan that meets each VIP patient’s lifestyle and confidentiality needs. By providing a safe and comfortable detox in the privacy of our clients’ own home, we offer an alternative for those who do not want to be sequestered in a rehab facility or locked behind hospital doors.

With more than 40 years of collective experience, our nurses are trained in chemical dependency and remain up to date on breaking treatments, medications and resources available to families. In addition to acting as liaisons between the doctor and all other treatment professionals, our private nurses:

  • Provide 24-hour nursing care to ensure a safe and comfortable detox.

  • Administer medication during the detox process to help decrease the negative symptoms of alcohol and/or drug withdrawal.

  • Perform physical and mental status assessments (evaluating effects of medication, anxiety, depression, cravings, sleep habits, eating habits, et al).

  • Monitor vital signs.

  • Provide crisis intervention.

  • Assess living, emotional, and social environments and recommend solutions and services to lower stressors in those environments.

  • Educate families on the detox process and substance use disorder.

  • Accompany clients to doctor’s appointments, support meetings, business meetings and/or the studio.

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